Where did OXIA Steel Frame History star?


To feel the freedom and caress the roughness of the road. To feel the need to escape from catalogues and big brands dictating “what, how and when”.

Everything that is born in OXIA is inspired by adventures on bicycles around the world. Close the door without looking back, take the big leap and start chasing a dream.

A handcrafted bicycle allows the perfect symbiosis between you and it. The solution to all the hours of discomfort, those technical shortcomings or lack of performance.


OXIA was born from the need to express the feelings towards bicycles, what it feels like to ride them and the philosophy of pure cycling.

OXIA is an identity, a doctrine and a working method to make the bike you need a reality, based on the fundamental pillars of technology, design and effort.

Mechanic and custom bike builder, analyst and observer, I’m here to help you get the bike you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

OXIA is born on firm pillars, these are craftsmanship, love for work and the satisfaction of an excellent result.


Building your own bike is amazing, but doing it for others and seeing their joy in riding it is extraordinary. We are all unique and we all have to enjoy an exclusive bike.

OXIA is not just a brand, it’s an identity, a doctrine and a way of working to make the bike you need a reality.

I dedicate myself exclusively to the manufacture of custom handmade steel frames. And most importantly, I apply what I have written in my DNA, the good work, the desire to improve and perseverance as the key to success.


OXIA works with incredible people who are committed and passionate about their work. People who share the same passion and philosophy. The trust placed in them helps them to do an incredible job. The motivation and satisfaction of the team makes the wheel turn to make your dream come true.

Want to know more?

I am Carlos, the face of OXIA. Proud descendant of several generations of farm workers and traders. Tenacious and tireless.

Before I learned to walk I already had my first bicycle. My whole life has been on two wheels.

I love nature, visiting museums and historical sites. I like to immerse myself in inhospitable natural landscapes for days with my wife and our dog.

Winter student, summer hustler. Cotton, almonds and even huge crystals have passed through my hands.

UCI mechanic in the Mountain Bike World Cup, in the London Olympics, in the Titan Desert and many more national and international competitions.

You might be surprised to know that I worked at BAYER AG as a Chemical Process Operator. But cycling continued to guide the path of my cycling life.

During various work experiences I discovered the need to use my working method as I had conceived it since I was a child.

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