Design of Geometry

An unforgettable bike ride is only achieved with a perfect fit.

Your ideal bicycle isn’t just one you pick from a catalogue, where your options are limited to size, groupset, and available colours. OXIA bicycles are crafted exclusively for you. Each one is made with optimal geometry that combines performance, comfort, and balance exceptionally well.




The position on the bicycle is fundamental for the comfort and performance of the cyclist. Therefore, a biomechanical study under the technical criteria of the manufacturer is essential to achieve perfect results.

Achieving an optimal position for the cyclist and obtaining efficient pedalling is the holy grail of cycling.

Each OXIA bicycle is manufactured based on the study of each and every one of the results of biomechanics.

The position of the hip, the angle of the leg’s attack, and the efficient pedal stroke generate a rhythmic movement that propels us forward.

To achieve such perfection, a bicycle is needed that goes beyond being a simple mass-produced product that comes in standard sizes like 50, 52, 54, 56, etc.

If a professional cyclist could compete with a custom-made bicycle, do you think they wouldn’t?

The frame construction doesn't begin until your measurements, preferences, and strengths are known.

The manufacture of an OXIA frame is based on a well-defined scheme. Every pivot point, angle of each joint, and muscle involved in the cyclist’s position on the bike are measured and studied.

1. The circular motion of the foot on the pedal is the foundation of efficiency; they must have perfect support between them.

2. The position of the hips on the saddle and their action on the leg generate the pedal thrust force; here, the correct muscles must be activated to achieve maximum efficiency throughout the pedaling cycle.

3. Hip stability on the saddle and a good back line help make pedaling more stable, balanced, and safe.

4. The angle of the shoulders, elbows, and hands must be optimal. This avoids excessive weight distribution on the handlebar and thus does not compromise the comfort or behaviour of the bicycle.

5. The balanced distribution of the cyclist’s weight over the triangle generated by the three support points of the cyclist is essential for efficiency and control.


The connection between the body and the bicycle should be as natural and innate as possible.

The purpose of a custom-made bicycle is to optimize the cyclist’s posture to enhance both comfort and performance. By engaging the appropriate muscles at each moment, improved performance is achieved in all circumstances, while also reinforcing comfort on the bicycle.

Musculos durante el pedaleo Responsive

You won't have a custom bicycle; you'll have the best bicycle imaginable.

An appropriate balance in weight distribution significantly contributes to reducing tension in the muscles, especially in the upper torso. A thorough biomechanical study, conducted by a competent specialist, provides essential data that must be meticulously considered in designing the geometry of a custom bicycle. This analysis offers insights into the cyclist’s physique and their specific requirements for the bicycle.

The illustration depicts some of the muscles in the upper torso that play a crucial role in cycling, whether through proper positioning on the bicycle or the technical execution of movements.

These muscles, such as the deltoids, core muscles, and back muscles, work together to provide stability, power, and control during pedalling.

It is therefore of paramount importance to understand how these muscles are activated to enhance both performance and injury prevention in cyclists.

Musculos superiores durante pedaleo

How do you achieve a perfect fit?

Biomechanical study

Custom manufacturing

100% handmade process

Component selection

Detailed assembly

Precise adjustment

It's your moment

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