100% Customised

If you can imagine it, I can create it

In your imagination you have your ideal bike, but you can’t find it, can you?

The possibilities of steel bicycles are almost endless, so don’t hesitate to write to us to find the bike you’re looking for.

An OXIA AURA can be a city bike, a time trial bike or even a unicycle. What are you imagining?

Oxia Handcrafted
Oxia handpainting
Oxia Sustainable



It is your bike. That’s why this will be an important point for the personality and your bond with it. We will paint it to your taste.


The essence of OXIA is custom bikes, so everything will be designed and optimised for your biomechanics. You will get a bike that fits you perfectly and with maximum comfort.


External, semi-integrated or invisible wiring. Extra bottle cage. Sliding toe clips and endless possibilities.

You choose the options that best suit you.


OXIA AURA Frameset

The price of such a special project cannot be determined in advance, as it involves features and tasks that deviate from the norm. The most suitable approach is for you to fill out the contact form by clicking on the button below, to get in touch with me and provide all possible details. This way, I can develop a budget based on a solid foundation.


Visit the Frequently Asked Questions


You always have the possibility to add the following extras:

  • Extra bottle cage
  • *Complete guiding (front + rear triangle)
  • *Invisible guide rails
  • Custom steel fork
  • Other options (please consult)

Some extras may delay delivery.

*Consult the internal guiding, sometimes, due to specific geometries or special characteristics of the frame, the type of guiding can be affected.

Oxia Flavia Bicicleta de carretera


It is always preferable to build the complete bicycle to work on the basis of the components selected under the criterion of optimisation and performance according to the characteristics of the assembly. In this way it will be possible to check their correct functioning and integration with the final design of the frame. Thanks to this, the bicycle, as a whole, will be able to function optimally.

The last step in the manufacturing process is the assembly of components and the adjustment of all measurements in relation to the biomechanical study, contact points and alignments. This creates a perfect and exact position on the bicycle for optimum performance and comfort.


Every person is different and so is every bicycle. In each new project it is necessary to carry out a thorough study of the client, together with an exhaustive analysis of the geometry for the new bicycle.

If you want to know the complete process of manufacturing a custom-made bicycle I invite you to visit the page where it is explained in detail, click on the following button.


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